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Leading a Meeting

Denise Boyle
from LEAVEN, Vol. 29 No. 2, March-April 1993, p.22

While each meeting is different, the following 16 elements can help promote successful meetings.

1. Starting and stopping the meeting on time.

2. Communicating a specific agenda before the meeting.

3. Keeping questions open-ended so that mothers don't feel as though they're being quizzed.

4. Keeping the Leader's input at a minimum to avoid dominating the discussion.

5. Making the effort to include all mothers in the discussion.

6. Steering the Group away from a general griping session.

7. Showing enthusiasm for the topic.

8. Graciously handling short-term confusion within the Group.

9. Keeping the meeting moving so that one mother doesn't dominate the discussion.

10. Having an adequate meeting facility.

11. Giving thoughtful responses to mothers' questions and/or suggestions.

12. Clarifying why the topic is being discussed.

13. Stating La Leche League's position so that mothers are allowed to agree or disagree.

14. Avoiding outside interruptions.

15. Remaining sensitive to the tone of the meeting so that it can be brought to a timely close.

16. Summarizing at the end of the meeting.

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