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Alumnae: Kaleidoscope

Pam Oselka
Coordinator, LLLI Alumnae Association
LLLI Conference Team
From: LEAVEN, Vol. 36 No. 5, October-November 2000, p. 108

We're excited about the upcoming LLLI Conference, which the Alumnae are calling "A Kaleidoscope of Fun in 2001!" The LLLI Alumnae have found international conferences to be one of the best - and most fun - ways of expanding our organization. At the 1989 LLLI Conference in Anaheim, California, USA, many Leaders and retired Leaders filled to overflowing a small room at the invitation of Betty Wagner Spandikow. As a result of this meeting, several long-time Leaders responded to Betty's poignant plea to keep the LLLI Alumnae Association alive. The next conference (Miami Beach, Florida, USA in 1991) marked the Alumnae Association's first real "presence." At each conference since then, our growth has mushroomed and our conference program offerings have not only expanded, but received rave reviews.

What does an LLLI conference have to offer to those of us who haven't nursed a baby in a very long time? Plenty! We think you'll agree as we rundown our plans!

  • A Lake Michigan dinner cruise kicks off the conference offering a wonderful chance to visit with friends and a terrific view of the beautiful Chicago skyline. Cruises depart from Navy Pier, which has more than 50 acres of parks, promenades, gardens, shops, restaurants, and entertainment attractions, including an IMAX theater and Children's Museum. You might plan to come for the whole day!
  • A Sunday afternoon tea in the elegant Grand Ballroom of the Chicago Hilton and Towers will showcase a "Kaleidoscope of Fashion," for all ages and sizes - on models you can relate to. The Founders will be our honored guests. If you attended the 1999 Alumnae Tea in Orlando, Florida, USA, you know what a special occasion this will be!
  • New and interesting speakers including retired LLL Leader and financial planner Ellen Jaffe on "Journey to Financial Empowerment"; educational consultant, Idene Goldman on "Alignment: Life and Livelihood - Synchronizing Who You Are with What You Do"; long-time favorite Barbara Coloroso on "Parenting with Wit and Wisdom in Times of Chaos and Loss"; and new presenters in the area of alternative health options, including Dr. Lorene Wu on "Chinese Medicine through the Stages of Women's Lives."

  • Participatory workshop sessions, including a unique look at temperaments through the "Family Color Wheel" and "That's Life!" a unique drama experience, to relive stressful life situations and bring resolution to unfinished business in a supportive atmosphere.

  • Rejuvenation sessions to fill your heart and soothe your soul will be offered throughout the conference. The possibilities we are exploring range from massage, Tai Chi, yoga, Feng Shui, and Healing Touch to color analysis, computer hair imaging, figure fashions, makeup workshops, pool aerobics, and early morning walks along the lakefront or in Grant Park.

As LLLI Conference Team member Nancy Franklin states, "Let's reframe the LLLI Conference for us who have weaned at least once. Let's consider it as enrichment and play time for grownups!" (Nancy is a play therapist by profession, and will lead the session "That's Life!") "Imagine being totally surrounded by women who practice LLL philosophy in every aspect of their lives and relationships, and the energy and excitement that can only generate when we all get together." Nancy continues, "Please join me at the LLLI Conference in Chicago in July 2001. I'll be the woman doing water aerobics early in the day and getting a massage during late afternoon. You'll hear me laughing in the halls, reminiscing with someone, or in spirited conversation as we envision the future when we finally see the majority of the world's mothers breastfeeding their precious babies. Hope to see you there! Let's play!"

If you'd like to help the Alumnae Association's efforts, contact Pam Oselka, 9701 Kruger Rd., Union Pier, Ml 49129 USA , 616-469-2706, pamoselka at (email). We guarantee good company and a great time!

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