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Leader Resources Exercise

Nancy Fredette
Hillsdale NJ USA
From: LEAVEN, Vol. 37 No. 5, October-November 2001, pp. 116.

The Breastfeeding Resource Guide explores many of the technical resources Applicants need to become familiar with as they prepare for LLL leadership. The following Leader Resources Exercise was created to help Leaders assist Applicants to examine some of the sources a Leader can turn to when procedural or Group management questions arise. Many of the answers to the questions listed can be found in the LEADER'S HANDBOOK. Others are available through LLLI's Web site. Some answers differ by Area, so an Area Procedures Manual or Handbook may be the place to look, or check with your District Advisor (DA) or Area Coordinator of Leaders (ACL).

Leader Resources Exercise

Use this exercise to generate discussion and learn together about the vast array of LLL resources, both written and human, that are available to Leaders. Where might you look for information in each of these situations? Sometimes what you need will be found in more than one place. Don't forget your people resources.

1. Help! My co-Leader just called and told me that her child has a fever. She was going to lead the Group Meeting tomorrow morning, and now I'll have to lead it! I don't have any ideas! Where can I look to find some meeting ideas?

2. My co-Leaders and I just discussed a mother in the Group and we all think she would make a great Leader. What do we do next? How do we go about getting an application for her?

3. I just got a phone call from a mother wants to know whether it's safe to keep breastfeeding her baby while she takes an antibiotic that her doctor has prescribed. Where can I find information for her?

4. There seems to be a problem getting newcomers to join the Group. We need some good ideas for promoting membership. Where can I get some?

5. I just found out I'll be moving soon. How do I let La Leche League know about my new address and phone number?

6. Our Group is considering publishing a newsletter for members. Are there guidelines on this, and if so, where can I find them?

7. One of the mothers in the Group makes and sells slings. Can she display and sell them at Group meetings? How do I find out about this?

8. I'll be having a baby in a couple of months, and I want to make sure I'm not on the Area phone lines for a while after the baby is born. How can I arrange this?

9. My co-Leader and I are really not getting along at all. It's gotten to the point where one or the other of us will most likely quit being a Leader. Is there anyone we can call to help us through this?

10. I'm a new Leader and I'm trying to fill out the Group's Financial Report. I haven't any idea how to do it, and none of my co-Leaders have ever filled one out either. Who can help us?

11. Some Applicants in our Group are interested in taking Human Relations Enrichment (HRE) sessions. How do I arrange for this?

12. A mother called me about adoptive nursing. I have a pamphlet to send her and I gave her information from the BREASTFEEDING ANSWER BOOK, but she also asked me about putting her in touch with another mother who has done this. How do I get her a name?

13. I heard that LLL has a Web site just for Leaders. How do I get on it?

14. I'm really interested in taking on an Area Council job. Who do I talk to about this?

15. Some mothers in the Group have asked us to start holding Toddler Meetings. What are they, and can they be held in place of regular Series Meetings? I need to know more about Toddler Meetings before I get back to them. Where can I find out about Toddler Meetings?

16. I know someone who would be a great speaker for the next Area Conference! Who do I talk to about this?

17. A mother in our Group called me about a problem her friend in another Area was having. She wanted to know if I had a number of a Leader in that Area that she could give her friend. How do I go about getting this kind of information for mothers?

18. I lost my Area Directory. How do I get another one?

19. There are only two Leaders in my Group. What if both of us are sick (or our children are sick) on the day of a Series Meeting?

20. Can I recommend books to Group mothers that are not on the LLLI Group Bibliography?

21. We're running low on pamphlets. Can we make copies of them ourselves or type information from them into our computers for distribution, or do we have to order more through LLLI?

22. I've been asked to speak about La Leche League and breastfeeding at the birth preparation classes given at our local hospital. Can I do this? Do I have to get permission from someone? Can I be paid?

23. Can my co-Leaders and I use Group funds to pay our Leader dues? How about to pay our Area Conference expenses?

24. I heard there are new prerequisites for LLL leadership. Where can I get a copy of them?

25. A mother called me wanting human milk storage guidelines. Where would I find them, and how could I send them to her?

26. I'd like to volunteer my time to answer the 1-800-LALECHE phone line. How can I go about doing this?

27. The Group is getting really big. We are thinking about splitting into two Groups. How do we go about doing this?

28. What kind of information do I need to write down in my telephone log? How long do I need to keep this as a record?

29. I'm thinking about becoming a lactation consultant. Will I be able to refer Group members who need lactation consultant services to myself? Where can I find information about this?

30. Someone donated a big box of books to the Group. How can I check which ones are okay to put into our Group Library?

31. There's a mother in the Group who is interested in donating money to La Leche League. She wants to know how to go about doing this. What do I tell her?

32. A mother called and asked me about breast pumps. As Leaders, do we recommend any one brand of pump over another?

Nancy Fredette has been a Leader with the Pascack Valley Group, New Jersey, USA since 1991. She currently shares Leadership responsibilities with two co-Leaders. She became an Associate Coordinator of Leader Accreditation (ACLA) in 1995 and was appointed CLA for New Jersey, USA in April, 1999. She and her husband, David, have two children: Emily, 11; and Benjamin, 8. "Preparing for Leadership" is edited by Deb Roberts, Contributing Editor. Articles may be submitted to Deb at 2327 Benjamin Street NE, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, or robertsd at (email).

EDITOR'S NOTE: This is an example of an exercise Leaders and Leader Applicants can use to meet a need for additional familiarity with Leader resources; it is not meant to be a new requirement for all Leader Applicants.

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