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A Sister Group Thank You!

Waleska Porras
San Jose, Costa Rica
María Luz Aguiló
Azul, Argentina
From: LEAVEN, Vol. 38 No. 5, October-November 2002 p. 111.

Dear Leaders,

Leaders in Spain and Latin America waited a long time for a translation of THE BREASTFEEDING ANSWER BOOK. After many years of longing, it was finally ready. Leaders were very eager to get their hands on this wonderful source of breastfeeding information.

At the same time, an unprecedented economic crisis had just struck Argentina. Millions of people lost not only their jobs, but also their life savings. It was going to be very hard for Leaders in Argentina to afford to buy THE BREASTFEEDING ANSWER BOOK.

But then Norma Escobar, our Regional Administrator of Leaders, had an idea. She asked Leaders in the US for help. Her goal was to raise funds to buy some books and send them to Argentina. The response she got was overwhelming. Groups, LLL Leaders, and lactation consultants from other countries pitched in, making it possible to buy 120 books!

As a result, Leaders from Paraguay, Uruguay, Guatemala, Mexico, Colombia, Costa Rica, and Chile also benefited from the generosity of our sisters.

Maria Luz Aguilo, Area Coordinator of Leaders for Argentina, wrote the following letter on behalf of all the Leaders who were touched by this act of kindness.

Thank you so much for making this possible!

Waleska Porras
San Jose, Costa Rica

Dear friends,

Words fail and gestures aren’t enough to express the gratitude our Argentinean Leaders and Applicants feel because of the generosity of our sisters from USA, Canada, Great Britain, Japan, and other countries.

As a warm hug that comforts and warm nourishment that consoles, the particular gesture of giving this book has touched something deep within each of us. In the silence of its pages, those donors will be eternally present, like the echoes of love that each mother leaves in the heart of her breastfed baby.

A story about a hummingbird and a terrible forest fire comes to my mind. While every other creature fled that dangerous place, one tiny hummingbird stayed behind and tried to change the terrifying situation, one drop of water at a time. In our gratitude, each of us feels as if a small hummingbird has soothed our hearts.

Thank you,
María Luz Aguiló
Azul, Argentina

Special thanks to Josefina Rosner, Valentina De Paula, and Norma Escobar for helping with the translation of this article.

Waleska Porras, a Guatemalan living in Costa Rica, is the mother of Lia Clarissa (7) and expecting a new baby in February 2003. She has been an LLL Leader since 1998, is currently Spanish Publications Administrator, and a member of the Drafting Team. Waleska is also the author of the breastfeeding educational novel, En Busca Del Oro Liquido. María Luz Aguiló and her husband, Fernando, have 6 children: Dolores, 28; Inés, 26; Fernando, 24; Francisco, 20; Milagros, 17; and Angeles, 14. María has been the Area Coordinator of Leaders (ACL) for LLL of Argentina since 2000 and enjoys gardening and horseback riding.

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