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Recent Additions to the LLLI Bibliography
January 16 - July 15 2002

Diane Beckman
LLLI Book Evaluation Committee Chair
From: LEAVEN, Vol. 38 No. 5, October-November 2002 p. 118-19.

The LLLI Bibliography (174-13) contains a complete listing of books, audio and video tapes approved by the LLLI Book Evaluation Committee. Summaries are provided there, as well as in this column, to help Leaders make appropriate selections for their Groups. Group Librarians can copy the summaries to place inside Group Library books. The books listed here were added to the Bibliography between January and July, 2002. A * indicates books available from LLLI.

For more detailed summaries and the complete list of books, audio and videotapes, please see the LLLI Bibliography (No. 174-13, $2.95) or visit the LLLI Web site at:
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American Academy of Pediatrics; Joan Meek, ed.
New Mother’s Guide to Breast-feeding*
Bantam, 2002
This comprehensive resource is designed to prepare new mothers for all aspects of breastfeeding. Unlike LLLI, the AAP recommends iron-enriched cereal as a first solid food, and is more cautious than LLL in some areas, such as co-sleeping, nighttime nursing, and weight gain.

Anholt, Catherine & Laurence
Sophie and the New Baby*
Whitman, 2000
A wonderful children’s book about the mixed feelings a child may have while adjusting to the birth of a sibling: from anticipation to a sense of loneliness, from anger to happiness.

Ashbé, Jeanne
And After That*
Kane/Miller, 2002
This loving sequel to What’s Inside engages the child with colorful images, funny text, and flaps that are lifted to reveal what happens after various situations, such as after putting on socks and making a mess. The book shows the child that although there will be changes after her new sibling arrives, they aren’t necessarily bad ones.

Ashbe, Jeanne
What’s Inside*
Kane/Miller, 2000
Gentle and humorous lift-the-flap book that shows a young child what is inside a number of everyday objects and what is inside mom when a baby is growing. The final illustration shows the cuddly baby being held by her older brother, at last.

Barnes, Bridget and Steven York
Common Sense Parenting of Toddlers and Preschoolers*
Boys Town, 2001
Practical, clear, balanced approach to parenting young children. It stresses teaching in place of punishment and helps the parent set reasonable expectations based on a child’s age and developmental level. Includes one regrettable reference that identifies baby recognizing the bottle as a developmental milestone.

Cadwell, Karin, et al.
Maternal and Infant Assessment: Physical Assessment for Breastfeeding and Human Lactation*
Jones and Bartlett, 2002
Since breastfeeding integrates maternal and infant components, this book offers guidelines for assessing mother and child, both separately and together, in order to achieve an understanding of the physical and behavioral contributions to the breastfeeding relationship of the mother and infant.

Cadwell, Karin & Cindy Turner-Maffei
Reclaiming Breastfeeding for the United States: Protection, Promotion and Support*
Jones & Bartlett, 2002*
This book provides an international policy perspective on the progress that has been made toward reclaiming breastfeeding as the cultural norm in the United States.

Carpenter, Diana & Annette Leibovitz
Our Camp Our Children: A Complete Guide to Starting Your Own Home-Based Cooperative Family Day Camp*
Privately published, 2002
A detailed book that provides information on how parents can organize and run a successful home-based day camp. Helpful lists of stores, books, and Web sites are also included.

Crozat, François
I Am a Baby Kangaroo
Barron’s, 1997
This cute toddler-sized book tells about the birth and life of a baby kangaroo, and includes nursing as a normal part of his daily life.

Fleiss, Paul
Sweet Dreams*
Lowell House, 2000
This book supports the breastfeeding relationship while offering practical, specific information to parents. Many sections in the book include references to current research so parents can decide for themselves whether the evidence is relevant to their parenting experience. LLL does not take a stand on circumcision.

Gordon, Jay & Maria Goodavage
Good Nights: The Happy Parent’s Guide to the Family Bed (And a Peaceful Night’s Sleep)*
St. Martin’s Griffin, 2002
This book provides a breastfeeding-friendly, comprehensive look at the scientific research that surrounds cosleeping, including the possible protection from SIDS; and the benefits that many parents may not be aware of, such as the fact that cosleepers are usually more independent than their cribbed peers.

Gotsch, Gwen
Breastfeeding Your Premature Baby*
LLLI, rev. ed., 2002
Updated edition of book previously included in Bibliography.

Hale, Thomas
Medications and Mothers’ Milk 2002*
Pharmasoft, 10th ed., 2002
Updated edition of book previously included in Bibliography.

Kitzinger, Sheila
Birth Your Way
DK, 2001
An excellent book for parents planning an out-of-hospital birth with emphasis on feelings, as well as research-based information, first-hand accounts and guidance for preparation for birthing at home or at a birth center. Lovely photo illustrations include some nudity.

Layne, Marty
Learning at Home
Sea Change, rev. ed., 2000
Updated edition of book previously included in Bibliography.

Marzollo, Jean
Papa, Papa
Harper, 1999
While breastfeeding does not appear in this board book, the illustrations and text repeatedly reinforce the importance of the father to a child’s attachment and sense of self. Few children’s books emphasize the father’s role in child rearing.

McClure, Vimala
Infant Massage: A Handbook for Loving Parents
Bantam, 3rd rev. ed., 2000
Updated edition of book previously included in Bibliography.

McClure, Vimala
The Tao of Motherhood
New World, 1997
A compilation of 81 vignettes of collected wisdom in the tradition of Lao-tzu. Written in a succinct and poetic way, this book offers short meditations on the inner work of parenting, and invites the reader to contemplate the higher purpose of mothering and reflect on loving guidance. The author’s spiritual beliefs are reflected throughout the text.

McIntire, Roger
Teenagers and Parents: Ten Steps for a Better Relationship
Summit Crossroads, 4th rev. ed., 2000
Updated edition of book previously included in Bibliography.

Merewood, Anne and Phillip, Barbara
Breastfeeding Conditions and Diseases*
Pharmasoft, 2001
This book explores a wide variety of information from the common cold to Sheehan’s syndrome. Breastfeeding Conditions and Diseases also includes suggestions on how to help breastfeeding mothers in difficult situations.

O’Mara, Peggy
Natural Family Living
Pocket, 2000
An excellent, comprehensive book for families interested in a more natural lifestyle and approach to child rearing. LLL does not take a stand on some of the topics discussed, such as circumcision and vaccinations.

Pantley, Elizabeth
The No-Cry Sleep Solution
McGraw-Hill, 2002
This book provides a gentle approach to sleep training for parents who believe it necessary to modify baby’s sleep habits without resorting to the cry-it-out methods. LLL does not agree with the cautions against letting baby fall asleep at the breast or holding a sleeping baby or child.

Prytherch, Sandra
Food from Mommy
Self-published, 2001
Precious story of a little girl’s development from birth to weaning, describing the gradual progression from exclusive breastfeeding to first foods and on to a gradual weaning. A tale of weaning from a child’s perspective, with black and white Japanese-style illustrations.

Renfrew, Mary, Chloe Fisher, & Suzanne Arms
Bestfeeding: Getting Breastfeeding Right for You*
Celestial Arts, rev. ed., 2000
Updated edition of book previously included in Bibliography.

Sears, William & Martha Sears
The Attachment Parenting Book*
Little Brown, 2001
Explains the benefits of attachment parenting and breastfeeding; provides tips on bonding for mothers, fathers, and in special situations; and dispels many of the myths involved with attachment parenting. Also discusses baby wearing, co-sleeping, mother burnout, and baby training.

Sears, William, Martha Sears & Christie Kelley
Eat Healthy, Feel Great
Little Brown, 2002
Parent resource, teaching tool, and picture book for five to nine-year-olds gives children the nutrition information they need to choose a healthful diet. Simple recipes are included.

Sears, William & Martha
The Fussy Baby*
LLLI, rev. ed. 2002
This revised edition contains new information on colic, reflux, and the challenges of breastfeeding a fussy baby. High-need babies demand extra patience from parents, but according to Dr. Sears, the extra effort pays off.

Sears, William & Martha
How to Get Your Baby to Sleep
Little Brown, 2001
Short and written in an accessible question and answer format, nighttime parenting issues are discussed with the compassion and common sense typical of the Sears’.

Sears, William & Martha with Elizabeth Pantley
The Successful Child: What Parents Can Do to Help Kids Turn Out Well*
Little Brown, 2002
A clear reflection of the authors’ cultural and spiritual values, The Successful Child identifies the essential tools the Sears’ believe every child needs to succeed, including empathy, kindness, self-esteem, having a sense of humor, healthy relationships, and more.

Sears, William, Martha Sears & Christie Kelley
You Can Go to the Potty
Little Brown, 2002
Outstanding picture book and parent resource deals with toilet learning in a developmentally appropriate way, featuring handy "answers for the very curious." Charming illustrations reflect attachment parenting and family-oriented activities.

Shure, Myrna
Raising a Thinking Child: Help Your Young Child to Resolve Everyday Conflicts and Get Along with Others
Simon & Shuster, 1994
Straightforward approach to teaching children to become independent, competent individuals, who are able to think for themselves, solve problems, and deal effectively with social situations.

Smith, Linda
The Lactation Consultant in Private Practice: The ABCs of Getting Started*
Jones & Bartlett, 2002
A user-friendly guide to the lactation consultant profession offers information that will help the potential practitioner decide whether or not a private practice is right for her, then details all the necessary information for starting a practice in a step-by-step approach.

Facts for Life 2002*
Revised edition of previously approved book.

Vickers, Melissa
Mother-to-Mother Support Handbook*
LLLI, 2001
This handbook helps mothers define the many benefits of mother-to-mother support. Available in English, French, and Spanish.

Walker, Marsha
Selling Out Mothers and Babies: Marketing of Breast Milk Substitutes in the USA*
NABA, 2002
A full-color, compelling guide to the WHO Code for any breastfeeding advocate. Includes a list of the "consequences of not breastfeeding" in language that assumes breastfeeding is the norm. An appendix includes the complete text of the Code as drafted in 1981, along with all the resolutions that have amended the Code up to the date of publication.

Wesson, Nikki
Enhancing Fertility Naturally*
Healing Arts, 1999
A guide to various natural therapies in treating primary or secondary infertility, including acupuncture, homeopathy, reflexology, and herbs. The book also gives general information about standard treatments for infertility, including side effects. Many personal stories are woven into the text.

Wesson, Nikki
Labor Pain
Healing Arts Press, 2000
A comprehensive book on natural methods for pain relief in labor, from establishing a stress-free environment for the birth to a collection of medication-free techniques of pain management.

Wilson-Clay, Barbara and Kay Hoover
Breastfeeding Atlas*
LactNews Press, rev. ed. 2002
Newly revised, this edition contains expanded, updated chapters and over 100 new photos to explain particular breastfeeding situations that may be unfamiliar to many Leaders or lactation consultants.

Book approvals may vary in Affiliates. Questions about the LLLI Bibliography or LLLI Book Evaluation Committee can be directed to Diane Beckman, LLLI Book Evaluation Committee Chair, 319 S. Dixon Avenue, Cary NC 27511 USA or DiBeckman at (email).

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