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Changes in Discount Schedules and Leader Order Form

From: LEAVEN, Vol. 39 No. 5, October-November 2003, p. 118.

LLLI's Mid Year 2003 Catalogue and Leader Order Form have been mailed to Leaders and members in the USA. The Catalogue includes some exciting new books and products as well as some format changes that we hope will make it easier for customers to order. Leader Order Forms were mailed separately from Catalogues. The Leader Order Form was delayed because of some changes in design and adjustments to our discount schedules that were implemented with this printing.

The changes in our Discount Schedules have been prompted by several factors. We have been looking into the profit margin on the books and products we distribute. The existing profit margin on certain categories of products does not always cover our actual costs. We need to cover our actual costs and we also expect that income from our Catalogue sales will provide additional funds to support other LLLI programs. Another reason for evaluating our discount schedule was our desire to simplify the order process so that sales generated from our Web-based Catalogue can be transferred directly into our database software, helping us provide more prompt and efficient service.

The most significant change in discounts has been made on books that are distributed through the Catalogue but not published by LLLI. When LLLI purchases these books from other publishers, we receive a standard discount, but we also have to pay the shipping cost of getting the books sent to our warehouse. When we give a 10 percent discount to members, our profit margin is less than 20 percent of the retail price of the book. When we extend an additional 5 percent discount to Leaders, our profit is even less. So we have decided to simplify the discount schedule by giving Leaders and members the same 10 percent discount on non-LLLI published books. What this means is that a Leader may pay 50 cents more on a $10 book she, but it could mean several thousand dollars of additional income for the organization. Orders for larger quantities of books, such as orders for Area Conferences, will still qualify for deeper discounts. Leaders will also continue to receive a 15% discount on gifts, pumps, and breastfeeding products.

The discount given to Leaders for books, pamphlets, and tear-off sheets published by LLLI will continue to be at 20 percent for single copies with increased discounts for larger quantities. For larger orders of pamphlets, we have moved to one discount schedule for all pamphlets published by LLLI. The new discounts for pamphlets are slightly different than either of the old schedules. All of these changes in discounts are reflected in the new Leader Order Form, which has been mailed to Leaders in the USA and may be printed from the Web Catalogue pages.

We've also made some major design changes in the Leader Order Form. It still lists all the books LLLI publishes, all books and products that are on sale, and all Leader supplies that are not included in the regular Catalogue. For other kinds of products, the new Leader Order Form only includes the items that are new in the 2003 Mid-Year Catalogue. Leaders will need to refer to the 2003 Mid-Year Catalogue for a complete listing of the books and products that are sold by LLLI.

We are looking forward to hearing from Leaders regarding the new format of the Catalogue as well as the Leader Order Form. Please send your comments to Catalogue at (email). Our goal is always to provide the kind of service you want in regard to our mail order sales. Thanks for being there to meet the needs of breastfeeding mothers everywhere!

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