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LLL Community Network

Sue Ann Kendall
LLLI Online Communications Manager
From: LEAVEN, Vol. 40 No. 5, October-November 2004, p. 117.

A new project that will revolutionize how we communicate with each other is being finalized. It will make tasks that were once difficult easy, and provide us with tools to do all sorts of new things. The La Leche League Community Network (LLLCN) will be a private, safe environment to do so many things Leaders would like to do...creating connections all along the way!

Can’t we connect perfectly well already, you may ask?

Sure, you can join a Leader email list on a public or private host, if you are able to find it. You can use a Web browser to seek out literature, newsletters, and news. You can also telephone others to hear their stories. But what if you could do that in a single space, shared by Leaders from around the world? What if it could be very easy to figure out what’s available or who else you might want to learn from? And what if the environment could be as welcoming, friendly, and supportive as a Group meeting? Technology has evolved to a point where we can do this virtually. The LLL Community Network’s purpose is to provide just this kind of experience for any interested Leader, anywhere there is a connection to the Internet. It is an online environment that will let us work together with all the tools we need in one place.

The project is in beta testing now (that means final check for bugs, etc.), so soon all Leaders will be given a chance to try the LLLCN out. You will be receiving information on how to log on in coming weeks.

The LLLCN will be a great way for Leaders to communicate with each other and the LLLI staff, and will make many tasks easier for us all. The developers have worked hard to make the network work the way Leaders want to work, to be easy to use as well as to be flexible. I hope you are as intrigued and curious as I am. I look forward to using it and making it my own, and I hope you will, too!

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