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Serendipity: Desirable Discoveries from your World Breastfeeding Week Celebration

Candace Moore Hill
Evanston IL USA
Linda Parry
Matthews NC USA
From: LEAVEN, Vol. 42 No. 4, October-November-December 2006, p. 84

Serendipity: (noun) An aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident; good fortune, luck.

If you believe you make your own luck, plan a World Breastfeeding Week Celebration (WBWC). Either way, you may be surprised at what may occur when you contact someone to give a donation or hold a public WBWC event. You could be a "No Group Affiliation" Leader and end up starting two new Groups, as Pat Johnson did. Your event or publicity could help a mother find you for help in reaching breastfeeding solutions, like Annie Brown. You could meet a grandmother who buys memberships and slings for the mothers she's with, like Rebekah Giangreco.

Encouraging a local WBWC once a year enriches the functioning of the LLL Group. Participating in WBWC events may:

  • Create cooperation among Groups;
  • Bring increased participation by Group members;
  • Be an event that can attract future Leaders;
  • Help Leaders and Groups better understand the process of fundraising;
  • Help Leaders and Groups reach out to their communities at large -- asking for support creates avenues for friendly interaction with other members of the breastfeeding community;
  • Give Groups more funds with which to be creative;
  • Empower Leaders to think big;
  • Encourage breastfeeding families to make financial commitments to their LLL support network;
  • Create positive opportunities for publicity;
  • Create income so that Leaders can afford to attend LLL meetings and Conferences;
  • Financially support Groups, Areas, Divisions, Affiliates, LLLI, and Leader grants;
  • Give Leaders an opportunity to celebrate themselves and the work they do!

Hold a World Breastfeeding Week Celebration event in your community and see what serendipitous happenings follow. For more information on WBWC in the USA, go to

A mother of four was in the town hall on Thursday and saw the window display (a display with books, posters, baby dolls wearing WBWC t-shirts, photos, and tear-off sheets -- a plethora of breastfeeding information). She had just moved to town from England and had a six-week-old who was being challenged by her oversupply problem. When she saw that we were at Whole Foods, a supermarket, she jumped in her car and drove directly to see us. Right in front of the supermarket, we had a breastfeeding counseling session where we figured out her problem and provided some suggestions for solutions. She was so grateful! The example of good timing!

Annie Brown
LLL Greenwich-Stamford CT USA

Our WBWC was in a public area on a pier in Olympia, WA near a statue entitled Motherhood. There was a lot of foot traffic. Two new mothers with their babies in carriages walked up with an older woman who was the grandmother of both babies. They were very excited about our booth and the information from LLL. The grandmother ended up buying both new mothers a membership and a sling. The new mothers walked away as LLL members carrying their babies in slings and pushing their carriages.

Rebekah Giangreco
LLL Olympia WA USA

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