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Members Put the Fun in Fundraising

Linda Parry
From New Beginnings, Vol. 31 No. 1, 2010, p. 38

Hundreds of La Leche League Groups around the country participated in World Breastfeeding Week Celebrations in 2009 -- raising awareness in their communities and over $50,000 for LLL.

Here are how some busy LLL mothers stepped up to have fun while helping to fund programs and services in the U.S.

  • Catherine Kurmay, LLL of Cary: Julie Steet really helped with getting the word out about our Triangle Family Festival (baby fair). She posted flyers everywhere. One mom came after she had seen one of her flyers posted in a women's restroom at a local restaurant. Because of Julie's wonderful efforts, we had some amazing outreach.

  • Pat Johnston, LLL of Jacksonville, FL: I'm grateful to have had LLL member Elisabeth James help me ask for donations for our WBWC silent auction. She emailed or mailed a donation request letter to businesses and even asked for donations in person. We raised over $2,400! Elisabeth stuffed giveaway bags for the event with samples and coupons, which we received from donors.

  • Patty Jacobs, LLL of Alameda, CA: Dedicated Group member Suzanne, sent an Evite to all our members and attendees -- a great way not only to advertise the event, but also to keep track of who was coming, what they were bringing to the "potluck," and who wanted to make a donation. Evite is free, green, and user friendly.

  • Kimberly Pearson, LLL of South Orange County, CA: Leader Sierra Malnove organized last year's event and headed this year's also, along with active members Hope Bright and Jeannie Lee. Sierra, Jeannie, and I solicited donations from local and national businesses for our goodie bags, opportunity drawings, and silent auction. Jeannie coordinated our bake sale, kids crafts, and potty toss game. Hope and her husband were in charge of cooking and selling hot dogs. Hope also helped me set up our Group Facebook page to advertise the event. Members and their husbands volunteered their help with setting up and packing away the picnic. We had a fun and successful event and learned some things that will help us make it even better next year.

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