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Nursing in Public: Lyn's Story
Nursing in the Mall

Lyn Clark
Tacoma, WA, USA
From: New Beginnings, Vol. 29 No. 4, 2009, p. 15

My husband and I took our two children to the play area at the mall to burn off some energy. Lucy, who is 11 months old, crawled up to me while I was sitting on the bench and indicated to me that she wanted to nurse. I latched her on and continued to watch Daniel play.

Another mom, who was sitting two benches over, came across and sat next to me. She lifted her shirt and latched her son on to her breast. She was holding her son in just the same way as I was holding Lucy. There we sat, side by side, not speaking but sharing so much in that moment.

I've never been ashamed or afraid to nurse my children in public. Sadly, I have on occasions overheard women make rude comments about my choice to feed my baby in public. I believe that by meeting our babies' needs -- and exercising our right to do so -- we moms are providing a positive example to those around us. By nursing in public we are moving toward normalizing this natural way of feeding our children.

Usually I feel like the odd one out when I nurse in public, but today I felt different, as though we are moving forward!

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