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Mother's Day Off

Judy Moffett
From NEW BEGINNINGS, Vol. 25, No. 1, January-February 2008, p. 41

Everyone deserves a day off now and then. But that is easier said than done for a mother with young children in her care. I have come up with an idea for the closest thing to a day off that a mother can get. It can be planned in advance. Or some days just might seem right for it when you get up in the morning. Or it can be useful:

  • After a particularly busy or stressful week.
  • On a rainy day with nothing to do.
  • When Daddy is out of town.
  • When Daddy is home on his day off, too.

I suggest not putting a name to this "day off" and not talking about it as such to your children or they will start asking for it -- often -- and it will lose some of its fun for you. There are some rules:

  • There are no rules.
  • There is no work.
  • There are no restrictions such as television time, video games, or food choices.

Remember, your children do not know that this is a special day, so they will still accept a healthy breakfast. But keep the other meals simple -- less work for you, more fun for them. Maybe Dad can bring some take-out home for dinner. Your children will catch on to the flavor of the day even without being told. So expect some strange requests and go with them. Have fun -- pig out. You might be amazed at the good food they ask for and, if not, they will survive this one day because of your good cooking the rest of the time.

Play games together. Read books together. Make some craft items. Or simply kick back and watch the clouds or videos. The idea is to just go along with whatever they feel like doing. Or just sit back and watch them play. Have fun -- relax -- enjoy your children. They won't know that this was all planned. They'll just think it's their lucky day!

This article originally appeared in the LLL of Illinois Area Leader's Letter.

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