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My Favorite Part of the Day

K. S.
Independence MO USA
From: NEW BEGINNINGS, Vol. 19 No. 9, July-August, p. 130

When my firstborn, CeCe, was almost three years old, I was blessed with her little brother, Scott. I went into Scott's birth knowing CeCe still had a need to nurse, but when faced with two nurslings I could not make it work simultaneously. I deemed it impossible, if not physically, at least emotionally. There was no way to balance two bobbing heads on my tender bosom, and I found myself feeling resentful of CeCe for needing to nurse at "inconvenient" times.

At the LLLI Conference in Chicago, I discovered it was possible for me to nurse her down to sleep while Scott was latched on. Part of the change must have been due to the fact that Scott was three months old and he'd established a solid latch, so I was no longer worried about messing that up. He had good head control and was strong. Plus, my breasts had become less tender and more flexible. I'm sure it was also because at the Conference in Chicago, surrounded by LLL friends, nothing seemed more natural than to nurse my babies, however old they were.

And now, it has become a favorite part of my day to huddle under a blanket with my beloved babies. We breathe together and sleep together while holding on to each other. And it's so easy! Sometimes CeCe's chin digs into tender tissue, but not often. I'm no longer irritated by it all. Instead I have a feeling of bliss. We did what we had to do in those early days, but now life really has become simpler, more pleasant, and ever more loving. I'm very thankful for it all.

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