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Lyn Belitz
Bellevue NE USA
From: NEW BEGINNINGS, Vol. 22 No. 4, July-August 2005, p. 152

I am so grateful to NEW BEGINNINGS and I thought I'd write a little something. Only, now as I sit, I have so much to say! When I was pregnant with our first child, my husband and I attended an informational and pro-breastfeeding seminar at a local hospital. I was the only one there with a goal to breastfeed for one year.

Regardless of a cesarean birth, my newborn daughter nursed like a champ. My husband assisted with positioning and even corrected poor latch-on as we began our journey. As recommended by my doula, I made my first call to an LLL Leader when my daughter was three weeks old. Soon after I attended my first LLL meeting and found women who set examples of the type of mothering that I admired. I started to read the books in the LLL Group Library voraciously.

Our original plan was for me to return to work when my baby was 10 to 12 weeks old, but I realized that breastfeeding had my daughter and I communicating. When she was only days or weeks old, I could tell when she was saying, "This doesn't work for me, mama" or "May I have some more, please?" or "That's good, mama." I was also communicating with her: "Not that way, dear" or "That's it, as much as you need" or "Is it time, sweetheart?"

As my husband and I read about and experienced parenthood, it became clear to us that mama and baby belong together. We gave my boss notice that I would not be returning to work. We have struggled financially and made financial choices that may not look wise to our parents in order to raise our family this way. After years of my husband running a home-based business, he has hit the road in the trucking industry. Now, instead of having flexibility and being fortunate that my husband was often around to hold, diaper, or play with our child, he is on the road. He is proud to support his family in his new career field. And I am glad to be able to be home to raise my daughter and new baby boy.

I have been grateful to La Leche League and NEW BEGINNINGS for all of the stories that encourage me and give me ideas of what may work for our family.

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