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Highland Dance Nursing

Angela Marie A.
From: NEW BEGINNINGS, Vol. 19 No. 2, March-April 2002, p. 51

I started taking Highland Dance lessons when my daughter, Trinity, was five months old. It was good exercise for me, and she was happy with my husband Kevin’s loving care.

When the prospect of participating in a Scottish Highland Games competition was proposed I said, “No, it would be hard to juggle nursing, costume changes, and the stress of competition.” Kevin said, “You can do it! We’ll figure it out.” So I registered.

The day of the Highland Games arrived. Trinity was eight months old. She nursed early in the morning and then I got myself and my two boys ready to dance. We arrived at the Games and waited for things to get going. I took Trinity to the changing area with me and nursed her while some of the other younger dancers sat down next to us and said how cute she was. Another mother just smiled. I handed her off to Kevin and got ready to dance the traditional Scottish dances: the Sword Dance, the Scottish Lilt, and the Highland Fling. The woman who was smiling at us earlier said, “You are just amazing. You nurse your baby, then do the Fling. I never could have done that. I think it’s just great!”

I have a happy baby to show for our dedication to breastfeeding. Now I also have three medals to remember that day. I won first place in the Sword Dance, second in the Highland Fling, and second in the Scottish Lilt. Kevin was right, I could do it!

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