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Breastfeeding Two Daughters

Evelyn F.
From: NEW BEGINNINGS, Vol. 19 No. 2, March-April 2002, pp. 53-54

At age 43, my husband and I were blessed with an adorable little girl, Laura. Our first daughter was born in 1978. I breastfed her for 18 months with no supplemental formula. No one in either of our families had breastfed their babies. I learned from reading books while still a teenager, since I was always interested in natural lifestyles. After a miscarriage in 1980, we had 20 years of infertility. We were completely surprised when I became pregnant after three years of having an empty nest. My health was good during the pregnancy, and the delivery was without complications. I delivered both girls without any pain medication. While I was in labor and walking the halls of the hospital with our 22-year-old daughter, she said, "In a few hours I won’t be an only child any more!" It was so special to watch her greet her little sister minutes after birth.

From the first night with Laura, I knew we had a little bundle of energy on our hands. She nursed long and intensely from the beginning. She is a light sleeper and light napper. Now at 11 months, she still nurses two to three hours during the day. She isn’t interested in formula or cow’s milk. I had a goal of breastfeeding her for a year, but we have decided to let Laura wean herself. It’s such a joy to share those cuddly times with her. She plays with her hair and sometimes hums while nursing. I wish all mothers could nurse beyond four months to experience the "fun" months of nursing when the baby is older and shows more personality.

Laura has been very healthy and has not even had a cold yet. I had plugged milk ducts a few times when I got too tired. My husband is very supportive of breastfeeding because of the health benefits, the cost (free), and he doesn’t have to get up at night. Breastfeeding is also wonderful for your figure. After 11 months of catering to my huge appetite, I’ve lost 38 pounds of my 44-pound gain during pregnancy.

It’s been a very tiring but wonderful year! I’m thankful to be able to be a stay-at-home mother again. After celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary and enjoying our baby, this has been a very special year for us.

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