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Nursing through Change

Reneé Morin
Sea Bright NJ USA
From: NEW BEGINNINGS, Vol. 20 No. 2, March-April 2003, p. 57

I gave birth to our fist child, Knicole, in October 2000. I knew my life would change but I had no idea how much. I always knew I wanted to breastfeed my baby but was a little nervous about what to do. When Knicole arrived she seemed to know exactly what to do and we began our breastfeeding journey.

Two months after Knicole was born, my husband lost his job because of "downsizing." With a new baby and no money coming in, we decided to stay with family while my husband found another position. We packed up and headed from Seattle, Washington, USA to New Jersey, USA. Knicole breastfed all the way across the country and really did not seem to mind being in the car for 10 days straight. I knew staying with family would not be easy. I was most worried about how Knicole would react to her new surroundings. At eight months of age she was becoming more inquisitive and mobile. Whenever she would start to get upset, she knew she could nurse for comfort. My husband found another position almost a year later and now we were on the move again to Florida. After another long car ride and new surroundings for Knicole, there were no problems again thanks to nursing. But once more my husband was "downsized" and we were forced to stay with family.

Through all of the moves and changes, nursing has been the one constant in Knicole's life. We have ridden in airplanes across the country in search of a new home and Knicole has nursed on every flight. She is a wonderful 23-month-old girl and she is still nursing. There were many times during all of the stress of moving that I felt like quitting. I would always turn to New Beginnings and the stories and articles would remind me that I was doing the best thing for Knicole. I am really looking forward to being settled very soon so I can attend La Leche League Group meetings. I am very thankful to my friend, Angel, who introduced me to LLL. Without the support and guidance of LLL and the love of my husband, I don't know if I would still be nursing Knicole. I am so thankful that I am. In spite of all the changes, we have a happy, healthy, fun-loving toddler!

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