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Made for Babies

Regina Pierce
Oak Park IL USA
From: NEW BEGINNINGS, Vol. 23 No. 2, March-April 2006, p. 62

When I found out I was pregnant last July, I dreamed of breastfeeding my baby. I was breastfed and my mom always told me what an incredible bond it fosters between a mother and her baby.

I was surprised to find out how little some women know on the subject of breastfeeding. Some people told me that human milk is thin like skim milk and might not satisfy him. My mother-in-law, who was a maternity nurse, told me, "Don’t be surprised if you don’t have all the nutrients in your milk." I didn’t believe that for a second. My mother breastfed three children successfully. So, here I am now with my five-month-old son, Nathan, a healthy 20-pound baby, all gained from my milk. He’s a calm, happy breastfed baby.

It's one of the most incredible feelings, knowing that I nourish him and help him grow so big and strong. I want to encourage other women who hear negative things from uninformed people to listen to themselves and their babies. We have breasts for a reason. Human milk is made for babies!

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