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Breastfeeding-Aid Sales Program

By Brenda Glover
Breastfeeding-Aid Sales Program Administrator
From: NEW BEGINNINGS, Vol. 15 No. 2, March - April 1998, p. 54

Leaders who belong to the Breastfeeding-Aid Sales Program offer a special additional service to breastfeeding mothers. The Breastfeeding-Aid Sales Program, a cooperative program between LLLI and Medela, enables these Leaders to have a supply of supportive breastfeeding aids to sell directly to women in their communities. If the Leader does not have a particular product in stock, she can order it and it will come to her house within 10 days.

Mothers appreciate the quick and easy access to a variety of helpful products. They also benefit from being able to ask an accredited Leader about those products. The Leader has experience with how to use and assemble breast pumps. She has a variety of information about both the products available and the normal course of breastfeeding that may not be available to mothers who purchase breastfeeding aids through local retail outlets. A portion of the profits helps support the local Group.

Some popular products are:

  • Breast pumps: The ManualElectric SpringExpress, MiniElectrics, and the double Pump In Style are all available. Each pump is designed for a different purpose. The Pump In Style is designed for the mother who works full time. Each of these pumps are for personal use only and cannot be rented through LLL Leaders or Medela.
  • Breast Shells: There are both hard and soft styles for sore and inverted nipples.
  • InstaHeat Pads: A set of two reusable heating pads that are designed for the breast, but are also useful as a heating pad wherever soothing heat is needed. They can be heated in the microwave or in boiling water.
  • Supplementary Nursing System (SNS): A feeding system which helps to provide a supplement to babies while preserving the nursing relationship. For use with infants who are premature or adopted, or who have other nursing difficulties. There are two types: one for short-term use and the other for long-term use.

Other products may also aid the breastfeeding mother. A Cooler Carrier or Trailblazer Backpack provides cooled storage for human milk in addition to carrying capacity. Collect, Store, and Freeze Bags attach directly to any Medela breast pump so that mothers can pump directly into the bag. The "Breastfeeding Your Baby" videotape gives accurate breastfeeding information from experts and includes personal breastfeeding experiences from some celebrities. The Nursing Stool helps eliminate stress on the legs, back, arms, and shoulders while breastfeeding.

If you are interested in the Breastfeeding-Aid Sales Program, ask your local Leader about it. You may also call the Breastfeeding-Aid Sales Program at 1-800-638-6607 or email Brenda Glover at

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