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Breastfeeding . . . a New Destination

By Sue Huml
Western Springs, IL USA
From NEW BEGINNINGS, Vol. 17 No. 3, May-June 2000, p. 106

In the world of retail, customers either purchase on impulse (an item they see, like, and want) or they go into the store with a destination in mind to specifically buy an item that fits into a category, i.e., you need a bra so you go to the lingerie department. Now, expectant and new mothers will have a special destination - "Breastfeeding!"

Never before has "Breastfeeding" been a specific destination for the nursing mother in a chain/department store but now, beginning in the month of February 2000, the world's largest retailer, Wal-Mart, is dedicating a four-foot section in 1,000 of their USA stores to "Breastfeeding."

The Lansinoh Breastfeeding Collection is an innovative and progressive step in the direction of normalizing breastfeeding while bringing helpful, comfortable, informative, educational, and high-quality products to the breastfeeding mother and baby.

With strong affirmative statements about the benefits of breastfeeding on the product packaging, The Lansinoh Breastfeeding Collection includes a library of eleven breastfeeding books, including three LLLI books - THE WOMANLY ART OF BREASTFEEDING, BREASTFEEDING PURE & SIMPLE, and HOW WEANING HAPPENS. In all, an expectant or new mother can find 34 products designed especially to meet the needs of the breastfeeding mother.

One thousand Wal-Mart stores in the USA will carry the full collection while approximately 1,600 stores will carry a limited set of six items. The full collection, including the LLLI Books, will be available on the Wal-Mart web site for those who do not have the full collection in their local stores.

I was so excited to go into my local Wal-Mart store during the last week of January and see the employees setting up the new section, I went over to the camera department and bought a disposable camera to record this historic event. I felt tears well up in my eyes when I saw the stock bin marked "Breastfeeding." This is such a positive step to bring awareness of the importance of breastfeeding to everyone's attention.

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