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Lara Dominguez
Toronto ON Canada
From NEW BEGINNINGS, Vol. 23 No. 3, May-June 2006, p. 114.

Mothers who think like me.
Or, even if they don't,
Mothers who think.
Mothers who talk about their ups
and downs.

Mothers who meet to talk.
Mothers who continue to embrace
the challenge,
Who search for the next solution.
Mothers who continue to challenge.

Mothers who are wary of those they say they know,
who look to their children instead.
Mothers who are aware.
Mothers who nurture their children's growth,
Who revel in the giddiness and wisdom they show.
Mothers who grow.

Mothers who look to their children for guidance,
Who consciously watch for signs.
Mothers who guide.
Mothers who love seeing the fruits of their labor,
The choices they have made in raising a family.

Mothers who love.
Mothers who care unconditionally
about and for their children.
Mothers who care.
But, more than anything else,
Mothers who mother.

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