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By Anita Goldman Horning
Lawrenceville GA, USA
From: NEW BEGINNINGS, Vol. 17 No. 6, November-December 2000, p. 204

We provide articles from our publications from previous years for reference for our Leaders and members. Readers are cautioned to remember that research and medical information change over time

I had a stressful breastfeeding experience with our first son, Ray, now six. He was a small infant with severe health problems and I experienced unexplained nipple pain throughout the year I nursed him. I hoped my experience with our new baby, now 18 months, would be much better, since anything would be an improvement!

Kevin nursed almost immediately after birth and has desired nursing ever since. Unfortunately, I still have the mysterious pain. Midwives, lactation consultants, our family doctor, and La Leche League Leaders have ruled out thrush and positioning errors. I have tried everything from magnets to tea leaves to various medications; still the pain comes and goes, mainly on one side. I persist with nursing because Kevin has eczema and allergies and I feel human milk is very important for him because of the health benefits. I began pumping early so he can also have my milk in a cup now that he's older.

Since there are always more creams, herbs, salves, poultices, lotions, and other treatments to try, I will persevere until Kevin naturally weans. Sometimes I feel caught between a rock and several hard places. The pain places me under stress yet Kevin benefits from nursing and I don't want to wean until he is ready. Although I know the breastfeeding relationship is supposed to be mutually pleasurable, this is not pleasurable for me. However, I am determined not to quit if there are still treatments to try.

I am getting by and grateful to still be nursing. I am hoping my tenacity will pay off and I will find an antidote for the discomfort before Kevin weans so we can both enjoy nursing.

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