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A Champion of Breastfeeding

Susan Scott
Los Angeles CA USA
From: NEW BEGINNINGS, Vol. 18 No. 6, November-December 2001, p. 224

I am the mother of three sons and I occasionally find myself daydreaming about their future spouses and families. I imagine a mother raising a daughter in the "LLL way" will feel some sense of confidence that her little girl will grow into an attached parent, but what about my potential daughters-in-law? Will I be labeled as the radical breastfeeding mother-in-law? As my thoughts spin onward, I stop and remember that my husband is a wonderful role model and breastfeeding advocate.

My husband, Christopher, was raised in a warm, loving family and his mother is a longtime La Leche League Leader. Chris grew up attending LLL Series Meetings (not always his favorite activity!), hearing his mother respond to helping calls, and most importantly, feeling the acceptance and confidence that mothering through breastfeeding inspires. He watched his younger sister being allowed to breastfeed well into toddlerhood and weaned when she was ready. As he got older, Chris would occasionally offer meeting information over the phone, and he learned the intricate working of breast pumps when his mother opened a private practice as a lactation consultant.

All of these experiences culminated one evening when Christopher asked me what I thought of breastfeeding—on our first date. After I regained my composure (I did not come from a breastfeeding family!) and answered positively, I received Christopher's secret seal of approval and we were married less than a year later.

Chris champions my breastfeeding experiences, encourages my participation in LLL, and does everything in his power to facilitate our intensive parenting choices. He is not only a source of support for me, but also is an excellent role model for our boys. When I see our three-year-old son "nursing" his baby doll or remarking that a baby crying in the mall "needs nursings," I see the seeds of a future generation of breastfed children and give my husband a big round of applause.

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