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She Called Me "Super Mom"

Talitha Sherman
Gardena CA USA
From: NEW BEGINNINGS, Vol. 20 No. 6, November-December 2003, pp. 217

My four-year-old, Sadie, loves dinosaurs. Her favorite is the Stegosaurus, but the Parasaurolophus is a close second. Of course, the best one to pretend to be is the T Rex. How else would you chase down and pretend to eat your papa-saurus?

Last year, Sadie and I took a summer camp class on dinosaurs at the local museum. Parents are expected to attend with preschoolers. I learned a lot and would have had fun if not for being in the throes of morning sickness. Nonetheless, she had a great time and couldn't wait to do it again.

Fast forward to this summer. The big week arrived and we were off to the museum for two hours every day for a week. Only this time, I was wearing baby sister Hazel in a sling. We toured the museum halls, followed the teacher to different exhibits, colored, made our own tar to capture and overwhelm helpless Ice Age mammals, and so much more. Through it all, I cared for my baby. This seemed very natural to me since I am used to being around other LLL mothers.

Some of the mothers in the class kept remarking on how happy, good-natured, quiet, and (of course) cute Hazel was. Several of them told me they wished they had a sling, because it made carrying a baby around look so easy. Three mothers told me their babies were at home with sitters-they seemed to be the ones who came by us the most to "coo" at Hazel and say how much they missed their little ones. I wish I could have given them slings and reassurance that it is not only practical, but desirable to keep their babies close to them.

One mother, watching me cut out a Dire Wolf mask while balancing Hazel on my knee said, "You must be Super Mom." I wish! The truth is, I'm no better or worse than the next mother. I'm so grateful to all the other mothers at LLL meetings who taught me about attachment parenting. If I didn't know how important and fun breastfeeding and wearing my baby could be, I might have been one of the mothers wondering how to meet my baby's needs without neglecting the older child. Instead, I was able to keep Hazel fed and happy, and Sadie has added Harlan's Ground Sloth to her list of prehistoric favorites.

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