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Nursing through the Night

By Shawna Horne
Hanna IN USA
From NEW BEGINNINGS, Vol. 21 No. 6, November-December 2004, p. 211

As the mother of a young baby I am often asked, "Does your baby sleep through the night yet?" Because I have been nursing and cosleeping with my three-year-old, Victoria, since she was two months old, I'm not sure I know what sleeping though the night is. My youngest daughter, Vanessa is almost five months old and I know she has never gone all night without nursing since she was born. However, there have been many nights when we have both been sleeping so peacefully that I couldn't tell you if she nursed one time or five times. To me, this definitely means we've slept through the night.

Once in a while we have a special night when my daughter nudges me and I am in a more wakeful state. On these nights I actually realize that I have been awakened for a nursing session. I gladly offer my breast and Vanessa eagerly accepts. After a few quick sucks my milk begins to let down and her sucking becomes slow and rhythmic. As I caress her head and stroke her cheek I whisper, "Yes, that'’s Momma’s milk, just for you."

As she continues to nurse, I lay there in awe of this beautiful girl that I have been blessed with. I study every inch of her in the moonlight and I feel as if we are the only two people in the world. Before long we both drift off to sleep and this precious moment is over for now. The next time someone asks, "Does that baby sleep through the night yet?" I think I’ll answer, "No, she doesn't and I am so lucky!"

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