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Meagan's Story

By Annette G. Rodriguez
Rochester MI USA
From: NEW BEGINNINGS, Vol. 21 No. 6, November-December 2004, pp. 215

While pregnant with my first baby, I attended La Leche League Series Meetings and surrounded myself with supporters who would be just a phone call away.

Meagan Rose was born in February at seven pounds, three ounces. I was determined to breastfeed, even after a bad delivery experience due to an infection I caught following the cesarean birth. I followed what I’'d learned at La Leche League meetings and she took to the breast easily.

Once home I set small goals of how long I would breastfeed. Just a few weeks. Then a few months. Before I knew it, we were at a year. It was great. As she grew and got smarter, Meagan named my breasts "sides." Whenever she wanted to nurse she’'d say, "Mommy, can I have sides?" It was our little code word. Any time Meagan would say it, only she and I knew what it meant. Of course, her daddy knew, too. It was so special to me to have that time with her.

We continued to attend La Leche League meetings and I became a Leader, made great friends, and attended memorable picnics, play dates, and walks. In fact, I brought a neighbor along to a meeting, Jenny, who is now one of my nearest and dearest friends.

I continued to breastfeed Meagan until she turned three and was starting preschool. I was worried about weaning because I’'d heard so many horror stories, but everything went very smoothly. I sat her down and explained that since she was a big girl who was starting school, she would drink "sides" from tiny containers. I also explained that it was no longer my "sides," it was now milk from a cow inside the containers. She looked at me and said okay.

That night without any problems she and I read a book, I tickled her back, and she fell asleep. She didn’t ask for her "sides" again. I guess we were both ready to move on.

We still occasionally talk about her nursing and how she called them "sides." Meagan recalls the taste and loves her "sides" story. Now she'’s seven and we have baby number two, Morgan Lily, who is also breastfed. Meagan says she can'’t wait until Morgan is older so she can tell her about her "sides" story.

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