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Julie Larose
Prescott ON Canada
From NEW BEGINNINGS, Vol. 23 No. 6, November-December 2006, p. 256

Baby boy, mouth rooting,
Suck, suck, flutter.
Tummy fills, eyelids droop,
Flutter, suck, flutter.
Breathing slows, hand grasps,
Flutter, flutter, suck.
Eyes close, body relaxes,
Flutter, flutter, sigh.
Sleepy giggle, limp arms,
Flutter, flutter, grunt.
Little stretch, neck turns,
Lopsided, funny frown,
Head rolls back to rest on mom,
Squeak, grunt, sigh.
Skin-to-skin, cheek on breast,
Quiet little snores.
Lips parted, eyes closed,
Flutter and snore.
Tiny twitches, warm in arms,
Inhale and sigh.
Favourite place, sweetest angel,
Breathe so soft.
Baby boy, just dozing.

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