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2008 World Breastfeeding Week Celebration Winners

Pam Dunne
Falls Church, VA, USA
From New Beginnings, Vol. 25 No. 6, 2008-09, pp. 42-43

2008 WBWC in the USA Sponsors

ERGO Baby Carrier, Inc
Motherlove Herbal Company.

Ameda Breastfeeding Products
Mothering Magazine

Sleepy Wrap, Inc.

RUBY LEVEL ($500+)
Cuddly Wrap by Peapod Creations, Ltd.

Breast Pumps Direct
Mama Knows Breast
Mommy Milk Tanks
Platypus Media
Science Naturally, LLC

BRONZE LEVEL (products)
Attached at the Hip
Cozy Cocoon
Family Tree Glass
Kiddie Cradles
Little Ants, Inc.
Mommy Milk Tanks
Over the Shoulder Baby Holder
Peek-a-Boo B Nursing Covers
The Umbilical Card

For more information on Sponsors
for WBW in the USA go to

World Breastfeeding Week is recognized every year on August 1-7. In honor of this event, LLL Leaders and members around the world plan events to raise funds to help support La Leche League International at local and international levels.

The 2008 World Breastfeeding Week Celebrations (WBWC) in the US ended September 30. Over 7,400 people participated in events across the USA raising over $61,000 (US). These funds will be used to continue La Leche League in the USA efforts to help mothers and babies know the joys and benefits of breastfeeding.

FIRST PRIZE WINNERS: The 2008 WBWC had five 1st Prize winners. Individually they raised over $2,000 -- winning $500 La Leche League educational scholarships or $500 Amazon Gift Certificates.
Jennifer Barker, LLL Cary AM, NC
Nancy Barry, LLL Idaho Falls, ID
Judith Gilbert, LLL Glassboro, NJ
Amy O'Donnell, LLL Cary AM, NC
Susan Vicknair Theall, LLL Jefferson, LA

INDIVIDUAL PRIZES: Thirty-seven Amazon Gift Certificates were awarded to individuals who raised between $300 and $1,999 during their WBWC event. Ten subscriptions to Mothering magazine were awarded to individuals who raised between $250 and $299.

GROUP REBATES: Twenty-seven US Groups received a total of $3,677.33 in 5%, 6.5%, 8% or 10% rebates depending on how much over $750 their Groups raised.

RANDOM DRAWINGS: Groups that participated and raised money in the 2008 World Breastfeeding Week Celebrations were eligible for the Random Drawing prizes donated by WBWC prize sponsors. Sixty-seven of these Groups won prizes. To view the entire list of Group Rebate and Random Drawing winners, go to

If you and your Group would like to host a 2009 World Breastfeeding Week Celebration in the USA event, please go to

"Thanks so much for all you have done to make the WBWC such a success. I received the two checks you sent. One for my $500 [LLL] education scholarship and the other the Group rebate. I really had to work hard this year to bring in enough to get the scholarship, but having that incentive did make me continue to get donations until I had reached that amount [over $2,000]. What got me over the top? My organic peaches got ripe in late September and I offered a box of peaches (15 to 20 pounds) for a donation to LLL. People were glad to get the peaches and I was happy to get enough donations to be over the $2,000 mark."

Nancy Barry,
Idaho Falls, ID, USA

A Very Special Thank You to the 2008 WBWC Donors!

Your support means so much to mothers and babies in the USA.

$600 Donors
Carolinas Medical Center Main & Pineville, NC, USA
Jan Ellen Brown, NC, USA

$500 Donors
Judith & Dean Gilbert, NJ, USA

$300 Donors
McCarthy Square Pharmacy, NC, USA
World Wide Surgical Equipment, Inc., NY, USA

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