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Banquet Speaker

Report from 2001 LLLI Conference
From: NEW BEGINNINGS, Vol. 18 No. 5, September-October 2001, p. 181

Deborah Rowe, radio talk show personality, spoke at the Banquet and shared many inspiring reflections on mothering. She brought her nine-year-old-daughter, Maya, with her. She complimented La Leche League for the kind of mothering we do and the kind of information we share with other mothers. Some of her comments were:

This is a wonderful time to be a mother, a nurturer and a caregiver for the most precious gifts we will ever receive—our children.

To be a mother today is an enormous job, yet it is enormously rewarding. We are charged with the responsibility of being all things to our babies. We are required to have more than a superficial knowledge of so many things. We are required to have expertise in a vast array of disciplines.

You just try to raise a family today without a solid knowledge of culinary art, finance, domestic engineering, conflict resolution, mediation, social planning, psychology, and spiritual leadership.

After calling for a round of applause for all the babies in the audience, Deborah reminisced about her own experiences breastfeeding her four children. She closed her talk with these thoughts:

There is nothing sweeter than the total bliss that babies experience as they nurse. That is my favorite memory. lt's like the best of all worlds converged. Babies have their nutritious meal that is neither too hot nor too cold, are snuggled next to their favorite person, and they let us know in their own special way how much they love us.

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