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L.E.A.N.-Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude, and Nutrition: An Integrated Approach to Healthy Living

Nikki Julien
Lacey WA USA
Report on a session from the 2003 LLLI Conference
From: NEW BEGINNINGS, Vol. 20 No. 5, September-October 2003, pp. 180

Dr. William Sears' session, "L.E.A.N.-Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude, Nutrition," detailed his new healthy living program, which focuses on children's eating and living habits. His book on the subject will be available this year, followed by L.E.A.N. for teens and L.E.A.N for adults.

Lifestyle means looking at the whole picture. For example, is your family more sedentary than active? Exercise promotes healthier bodies and healthier minds. Attitude incorporates happiness, positive thinking, and lower stress. Nutrition involves eating the right fats, eating the right carbs, and letting food be your medicine.

Examples of enhancing a family's lifestyle and attitude included "laughter: the best medicine," and the "use of positive affirmations." Corn syrup and hydrogenated oils topped his "no-no" list. A long list of great foods for children was offered, including, yogurt, flax, cinnamon, pink grapefruit, and turkey. He also talked at length of the benefits of wild meats such as wild Alaskan salmon, buffalo, and free-range eggs.

Dr. Sears packed the session with simple suggestions of change, specific healthy food choices, and real ways of approaching children about changes. Though the focus was on children, the information provided was useful to the whole family.

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