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How Old Is Old?

Jane Tuttle
Lawrence KS USA
From: NEW BEGINNINGS, Vol. 22 No. 5, September-October 2005, p. 208

With a combined age of over 231 years, Bud Tanis, Judy Canahuati, and Edwina Froehlich attempted to answer the question of "How Old Is Old?" at the LLLI International Conference. The audience learned that age is truly a state of mind. People should not ask the question, "How old are you?" They should ask, "How old do you feel?"

The panelists agreed that having passion for something keeps people young. It is easier to accept and deal with the physical issues that come with age if people actively engage emotionally and mentally in something of interest, such as puzzles or playing cards. Attendees were encouraged not to shy away from a challenge because the journey and the knowledge gained along the way will help a person remain young. Another piece of advice was to keep learning and take control of what happens. While age may slow one down physically, it doesn't have to slow one down mentally.

Dr. Tanis stated that one of the advantages of gray hair is a liberty to speak your mind and permission to be somewhat eccentric. The session was full of laughter and wisdom: wisdom that can only come with age. A person with passion may never know what "old" means.

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