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Grateful for Toddler Nursing

Tara Stephens
Morristown NJ USA
From NEW BEGINNINGS, Vol. 23 No. 5, September-October 2006, p. 210

This past week reminded me why I am so glad that I am "still" breastfeeding my two-year-old-son, David. David and his four-year-old-sister, Alexandra, both came down with Coxsackie virus after playing with a little girl who turned out to be infected. Both children developed fevers, aches, and a horrible sore throat with blisters. My daughter told me that it hurt to swallow even water. Needless to say, neither child ate for a few days, and they drank minimally. My son, however, breastfed enthusiastically throughout his illness. I felt badly for my daughter, for whom I could do so little besides offering her juice ice cubes. I add this experience to my list of reasons to be grateful for having a breastfeeding toddler.

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