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A WBW Fundraising Letter

Sarah McClelland
Fredericksburg VA USA
From NEW BEGINNINGS, Vol. 23 No. 5, September-October 2006, p. 229

While fundraising this year for my Group's annual Breastfeeding Awareness Walk, I found the task very simple thanks to a letter that one of my LLL Leader's had distributed. It was a letter written from the perspective of a child lauding the benefits of breastfeeding and requesting donations to support our WBW event. I tailored it slightly, making the letter from my 11-month-old daughter, Molly. I added a picture of her with a beaming, chubby-cheeked smile.

My goal was to raise $2,500, which could have been accomplished if I were able to raise $50 from 50 people. Unfortunately, I fell short of the goal, but I think my handwritten note at the bottom of the letter requesting people to help me make my "50/50 Challenge" spurred them to either donate $50 or $25 as opposed to $10. The best part for me was receiving so much "Molly mail" every day for over a month. My son, William, Molly, and I got excited about walking to the mailbox as part of our mid-morning routine. It was so nice to receive notes from friends and extended family wishing us luck. One donation was received, wrapped in a single white piece of paper with just the words "Yeah, milk!" written on the inside. Another wished Molly luck with all that walking. All in all, it was a great experience and I'm already thinking of ideas for fundraising for my Group's WBW event next year.

Editor's Note: Although Sarah writes that she "fell short" of her goal, it should be noted that she raised over $1,100 using the letter below!

Dear Friend,

As you probably know, I am a breastfed child and proud of it! My mommy's milk is the ideal food for me. Not only does breastfeeding protect me from illnesses and infections, reduce my risk of allergies, and keep me close to my mom, but it also helps boost my IQ. I am healthy, happy, and smart.

Here's what I'm doing to help other children (and mothers and fathers) find out about these good things, too. On May 20, 2006, La Leche League of Fredericksburg will host a Breastfeeding Walk and Awareness Day at a local health center. This is a way to raise awareness and funds so we can continue to support breastfeeding mothers and children. LLL offers monthly support meetings, a great lending Library, and provides information by phone and mail. This is all done by volunteers. They need funds to pay for things such as brochure and poster printing, mailing information to moms, and buying books for the Group's Library.

Would you consider sponsoring me and my mom in this event? All you have to do is make a donation of $10 (or any additional amount you are able to share) in my name to LLL of Fredericksburg. La Leche League is a nonprofit organization and your donation will be tax deductible. A portion of your donation will be sent to La Leche League International to support breastfeeding on a global level.

If you can help me, please send the money to me at my home address. My mom will make sure LLL of Fredericksburg gets the money.

Breastfeeding has been great for my mom and me. I hope I am able to get the word out to the rest of our community. Thanks so much for your support!

Love, Molly

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