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About La Leche League Ukraine Logo

  La Leche League of Ukraine (LLLU) logo was created in 2006 by Ella Baginskaya who is a native of Makeevka, the birthplace of LLLU, currently residing in Saudi Arabia.

  The background shows the colors of the national flag of Ukraine.  While the colors do not have official meaning, many Ukrainians say that blue represents the clear blue sky and yellow stands for fields of golden wheat, symbolizing peace and prosperity.

The mother is dressed in a traditional Ukrainian costume - an embroidered blouse and a mallow wreath with ribbons. A traditional Ukrainian wreath - a symbol of Mother-Earth - is usually composed of twelve medicinal herbs.  Such a wreath was put on a girl's head to wish her to blossom, be fertile and prosperous as our holy Mother-Earth.  Different color ribbons also have special meaning, for example, red symbolizes love, blue - water or health.

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