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Breastfeeding Today

Breastfeeding Today

Dear Readers
Dear Readers, Welcome to the last issue of Breastfeeding Today for this year! Erin L. O’Reilly’s rhymes from Liquid LLLove are the protagonist of our poetry column: “Limitlessly fluent and... Read More

Breastfeeding Today

Liquid LLLove
By Erin O’Reilly – Missouri, USA Lacteal Lady-Lager Liquid Love Delicious and delightful Logical and Longevous Lofty Liquor Motherlode of Love Lollapalooza Mother Luminary Mamma Labouring to yield Literally succulent... Read More

Breastfeeding Today

Book review
The Recipe For Breastfeeding Support In America
By Valentina Attanasio – BT Managing Editor Erin L. O’Reilly. The Recipe For Breastfeeding Support In America, Healthy Nourishment, LLC: Sant Louis Missouri. 2020. ISBN 97817344388. Paperback, 131 pages. As... Read More

Breastfeeding Today

Festive Butter Cookies
By Penelope Karagouni – Athens, Greece This is my grandmother’s very old and delicious recipe for butter cookies, which you can make with your children! The secret to their success... Read More

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Elvira. Mother

Elvira. Mother

During the early days with my third baby, I felt a special connection in my heart and soul with my LLL colleagues and with all the mothers whose breastfeeding wisdom has been passed along.

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Dawn. Mother

Dawn. Mother

I know whenever I contact my [LLLI] friend and mentor Genny, she will have sound, reasonable, educated information to share. I appreciate her help with breastfeeding and mothering...

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Vanessa. Mother

Vanessa. Mother

None of the mothers in my family or my husband’s had ever breastfed. They disapproved of my desire to do so, explaining that it was too exhausting and telling me stories of women who failed.

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Diana. Mother

Diana. Mother

I was nervous that the [LLLI] moms would judge me badly for feeding my baby with a bottle, but they were incredibly supportive that I was still pumping, even though my baby wouldn’t nurse...

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