Month: December 2016


Kanser ve Emzirme

Monday, December 12, 2016

Diana West, BA, IBCLC Çeviren: Çiğdem Kayacık – Ayşe Tuğba Kartal Photo: Maria Griner Photography Bu yazıda, emzirme sürecindeki annelerden kanserle veya ihtimali ile  yüzleşenlerin sıkça sorduğu soruların cevaplarını bulacaksınız. Kanserli bir meme ile emzirilmek herhangi bir şekilde bebeği kanser yapmaz. Bebekler kanserli bir memeyi emmeyi her zaman REDDETMEZ, ancak habis dokunun gelişmesiyle birlikte sütün tadı değiştiğinde veya … Read More

Adult's hand stretched down with child's chubby hand clasping the forefinger

Breastfeeding a Foster Baby

Friday, December 9, 2016

  Anon, CA, USA In December 2015, my husband received a call from a social worker informing him that his sister had given birth to a little girl who was now under protective custody. The social worker wanted to know if we were willing to foster and possibly adopt our baby niece. To be honest, … Read More

generic pump parts with a small cup a quarter full of human milk

Pumping for My Injured Baby

Friday, December 9, 2016

  Summer Dun, Sherwood, Arkansas, USA A pumping story In January, 2014, we welcomed our third child into our family, our sweet baby, Rose. She had a rocky start. I am rhesus negative and was carrying antibodies to the rhesus factor. Rose was in the NICU for three days after she was born and then readmitted a few days later … Read More