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Breastfeeding Without Giving Birth

Alyssa Schnell, St. Louis, Missouri, USA Alyssa Schnell is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) based in the United States. She speaks internationally about inducing lactation and relactation and specializes in helping parents who have not given birth (non-gestational parents) to breastfeed their babies. In this article Alyssa discusses how parents who have not … Read More

Breastfeeding and Coronavirus

Published on 4 March 2020, revised 12 March 2020. Skip to: LLLI Media release in different languages Skip to: Living in China During the Outbreak of Coronavirus  Skip to: LLLI Infographics and social media resources in different languages  Skip to: Current references on best practices in relation to COVID-19 and breastfeeding  La Leche League International … Read More

Birth and Breastfeeding

When you are actively involved during birth and have a trusted support person with you, you are better able to avoid procedures that can compromise the initiation of breastfeeding.... Read More

World Breastfeeding Week 2019: Let the Celebrations Continue!

This October, World Breastfeeding Week has been celebrated in Canada, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden, Germany, Austria, Belgium and France. And in November, Greece will be joining in the celebration as well. Little by little, event news has been rolling into our Breastfeeding Today mailbox. Here’s what we know so far from our sources: In Italy: (Click … Read More

Learning to Trust My Body’s Birth & Breastfeeding Powers

                                                                                                                                                                      By Pin-Ching Cynthia Tsai Dulworth, Chicago, Illinois, USA I never thought I would breastfeed my baby because I was not breastfed. I also never believed I could face birth. After all, pain as tiny as a paper cut drives me crazy! But all those assumptions began to change when a family friend who is … Read More