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Finding and Supporting Leader Applicants Virtually

Alison Stanton, New Zealand; Edie Boxman, Israel; Mei Chin and Sarah Quigley, San Francisco, California, USA This article is presented in three parts. Alison Stanton writes an overview of finding and supporting Leader Applicants virtually. Edie Boxman describes the experience of Leaders in LLL Israel and Mei Chin and Sarah Quigley share the experience of … Read More

La Leche League Support in Social Media Groups

By Ellen Mateer – West Yorkshire, UK   Being a nursing mother or parent can be an isolating experience, even under normal circumstances. The COVID-19 pandemic has left many new parents without a lot of the support they would normally expect to be available. We have long known that support is critical to helping families … Read More

The Antenatal Session Is Now Online!

Elizabeth Owen, London, Great Britain “Let me know you have seen this” I typed urgently in an email to local parents-to-be, “…the antenatal session is now online! Please do not go to the venue!” This was Monday 16th March, the day the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (Boris Johnson) announced pregnant women were considered … Read More

Working and Breastfeeding

You may choose to continue breastfeeding while working outside the home for many reasons - the best food for your baby, antibodies to protect your baby, great way to reconnect when you return from work, and continuing the special relationship of breastfeeding during your days at home.... Read More

An Online LLL Meeting via Facebook

Efrat Burman, West Sussex, United Kingdom Efrat Burman describes how an impromptu online Series Meeting turned into quite a success. In the modern age of social media, Series Meetings can happen online as well as in person. Some Leaders choose to supplement Series Meetings with online meetings, particularly if they cover a large area and … Read More

Leader’s Handbook

Content in this section is restricted to LLL Leaders. Please login to obtain access.

Leaders Who Stay

We asked Leaders who stay in La Leche League despite having weaned long ago: “Why does LLL continue to be important to you?” Paula Hinson, Farnham Group, Great Britain. Accredited in 2000. I was guided to LLL Farnham by a friend who was and still is a Leader (Ginny Eaton) as soon as she heard … Read More

Growing Together

Claudia García, Bogota, Colombia and Alejandra Galván, Rosario, Argentina. March 2020 found us in a different reality when support Groups and other LLL events became virtually based in Latin America. In every country of the region there was a feeling of isolation and emptiness at having to postpone our internal meetings without an exact date … Read More

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