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Working and Breastfeeding

You may choose to continue breastfeeding while working outside the home for many reasons - the best food for your baby, antibodies to protect your baby, great way to reconnect when you return from work, and continuing the special relationship of breastfeeding during your days at home.... Read More

Leader’s Handbook

The 2019 edition of the Leader Handbook, in English (translations are in progress). PDFs of previous editions of the Leader Handbook and translations. ... Read More

Policies and Standing Rules

A listing of the entire Policies and Standing Rules (PSR) as individual entries in alphabetical order. Following the full PSR is a full list of Appendices.... Read More

Living in China During the Outbreak of COVID-19

By an anonymous mother, Xiamen, China Spring Festival is the most important holiday for many Chinese people. The number of people travelling during this period during 2019 reached as many as 2.98 billion. The 2020 Spring Festival travel rush began on 10 January as people gathered with families. Who could have imagined what we were about to face? … Read More