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During the early weeks skin-to-skin contact helps your baby be connected to his instinctive breastfeeding skills and helps you and baby enjoy breastfeeding.... Read More

Premies: Positioning

Perhaps your baby is now strong and mature enough to begin feeding directly at your breast. It may take some time to encourage him to do it correctly. Many mothers of premature babies find the cross cradle hold very useful for this stage. This technique allows you to get a better view of your baby, and to control your baby’s head. Position the baby across your lap, turned in towards you, chest to chest. Use pillows to bring him up to the level of your breast.... Read More

Life as an Exclusive Expresser

By Sheena Thompson, Hamilton, New Zealand   After becoming pregnant the first time, one thing I knew right from the start was that I would breastfeed my child. I knew it might require a little bit to master breastfeeding after birth, but I felt confident that my baby and I could achieve it. Little did … Read More

LLL meeting in Xiamen, China

La Leche League Meetings

Expect a warm welcome, acceptance and non-judgmental support when you contact LLL Leaders or participate in LLL groups. We offer information and encouragement to everyone who needs it.... Read More


Durante la primera semana de vida, más de la mitad de los recién nacidos tienen ictericia. Usualmente la ictericia es una parte normal del ajuste a la vida afuera del útero, pero ocasionalmente puede ser un signo de serios problemas de salud. A veces, el tratamiento de la ictericia es un desafío para las madres y los bebés.... Read More

Birth and Breastfeeding

When you are actively involved during birth and have a trusted support person with you, you are better able to avoid procedures that can compromise the initiation of breastfeeding.... Read More


PUEDO CONTINUAR AMAMANTANDO A MI BEBÉ UNA VEZ QUE COMIENZA LA DENTICIÓN? ¡Claro que si! La dentición puede presentar nuevos desafíos, pero la leche materna continúa siendo el mejor alimento para tu bebé. A veces, cuando los dientes se mueven dentro de las encías y cuando finalmente cortan a través de ella, tu bebé puede encontrarse molesto e incómodo.... Read More