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Working and Breastfeeding – Choosing a Child Care Provider

Going back to work and leaving your baby in someone else’s care can be one of the most difficult parts of returning to work. Choosing the right person and right setting takes care. You want to find a setting that will provide the kind of care and attention you would give. You want a setting that respects breastfeeding and your expressed breastmilk.  ... Read More

Working and Breastfeeding

You may choose to continue breastfeeding while working outside the home for many reasons - the best food for your baby, antibodies to protect your baby, great way to reconnect when you return from work, and continuing the special relationship of breastfeeding during your days at home.... Read More

Leadership Across Generations: Joannie, Lori and Kari

Three Leaders in One Family Lori Bryan is a Leader in California and two of her daughters Joannie Stevenson and Kari Joly became Leaders. Lori, Joannie and Kari share their stories here. Lori La Leche League (LLL) has been part of my life for 39 years after attending a meeting when pregnant with my first … Read More

Leadership Across Generations: Ginny and Lynn

LLL Mother-Daughter Musings Three of Ginny Braun’s four daughters became LLL Leaders and later, Ginny followed suit! Ginny and her daughter Lynn Huber co-lead LLL of Warren, Michigan. Here Ginny and Lynn tell their story of being Leaders together. Ginny first found La Leche League (LLL) in Detroit Michigan in the early 1970s. She had … Read More

Mother, daughter and grandson around a birthday cake

Leadership Across Generations: Joan and Catriana

A Mother and Daughter-in-Law Share Their Story Joan Short and Catriana McKee share their experiences of being a mother and daughter-in-law who are both Leaders. Joan was a Leader in Ottawa, Canada, when her children were small, and Catriana has been a Leader in Oxfordshire, England, since 2013. Catriana I first heard about La Leche … Read More

Parenting Post COVID-19: Breastfeeding and Beyond

By Chapel Taylor-Olsen – Utah, USA We’ve ended up with a distorted sense of time after the last year and a half, but the world didn’t actually stop. It is estimated that 116 million babies were born during just the first 9 months of the pandemic. [1] Millions of families around the world had to … Read More

Persistent Pain When Breastfeeding

Cindy Garrison, Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, USA Breastfeeding is not supposed to hurt. Yet many mothers and nursing parents complain of pain associated with breastfeeding, which can be a leading cause for early weaning. When someone calls about persistent nipple pain or breast pain, a Leader can review the most common causes for pain while breastfeeding, such … Read More

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