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Un episodio de mastitis

Mar Mendiola, Essone, France Photo: Jamie Sia Photography 4 meses de lactancia maravillosa hasta que… Ese viernes en la mañana amanecí con fiebre, dolor de cabeza y cuerpo cortado, ‘chin, siento que me va a dar gripe’ pensé, pero mi mente no quiso apoyar a mi cuerpo y le dijo que más tarde se le iba a … Read More

Congestión y Mastitis: Suavizando los Baches

Philippa Pearson-Glaze Traducido por Eva Marsal, Barcelona, España Foto: Evangeline y Ruth cortesía de Sally Hobson Photography Amamantar es normal y natural, pero cómo hacerlo es algo que a menudo aprendemos de nuestras madres, hermanas y amigas. En los sitios donde hemos perdido el arte de amamantar a lo largo de varias generaciones, los intentos de … Read More

tiny baby hand holding mother's ring finger, mother's little finger curls over the top of baby's arm

Breastfeeding for HIV-Positive Mothers

Pamela Morrison IBCLC Originally published November 2014,  updated and republished with the express permission of the author. Recommendations from global health authorities endorse exclusive breastfeeding for all babies for the first six months of life and continued partial breastfeeding for up to two years or beyond. (1) Yet it is commonly believed that the one … Read More

Birth Interventions

Teresa Pitman Originally published June 2013, republished with the express permission of the author. Ruth’s first baby was born in a hospital with a doctor she’d met only once before. During labor, the doctor became concerned that there was some meconium (the name given to the stool that the baby passes before birth) in the … Read More

Mommy Medals

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