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Lactational amenorrhea: fertility, birth control and breastfeeding

Kelly Durbin, Austin, Texas, USA Lactational amenorrhea is a period of temporary infertility that accompanies breastfeeding and is marked by the absence of monthly periods. Postpartum fertility is an important topic and many mothers who seek breastfeeding support have questions about using lactation as a means of birth control. The physiology of lactational amenorrhea involves … Read More

My Relactation Story

ODETTE MILLER, CITY OF TSHWANE, SOUTH AFRICA Originally published November 2015, republished here with the express permission of the author. Photo: Smitten Photography My relactation story From the minute we found out we were expecting another little miracle (and because I didn’t breastfeed my first baby due to a lack of good information) I decided I … Read More

Pregnancy to Lactation

Adapted from Pregnancy to Lactation: A Physiological Continuum. A talk by Michel Odent M.D. hosted by LLL South West London, Great Britain, 10th October 2017. Write-up by Deborah Hanson, La Leche League Great Britain. As a Leader Applicant at the time, mother and midwife, I could not resist the opportunity to listen to Dr. Michel Odent … Read More


Sometimes, relactation produces enough breastmilk to supply all of baby’s needs. Other times, supplementation may still be needed. We recommend the following strategies for relactation and induced lactation to stimulate milk production:... Read More
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The Art of Breastfeeding Writer Biographies

JAYNE JOYCE Jayne Joyce (she/her) MA, MSc, IBCLC, has been a La Leche League Leader since 2003. She is mother of three children (born 2000, 2003, 2008) and lives in England, UK. Following a degree in History and a Masters in Social Work from Oxford University, Jayne began her professional life as a social worker, … Read More

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LLL Leaders Making a Difference

Mary Bird and Tania Ruseva, co-ACLs for Future Areas Europe. Do LLL Leaders in Europe Make a Difference? By January 2022 weekly Covid-19 cases were increasing in many European countries. Leader morale was low. In-person LLL meetings were not permitted in most places. Many long-awaited Conferences were cancelled or held online. Leaders prepared themselves for … Read More

Les animatrices LLL en Europe font-elles la différence ?

Mary Bird et Tania Ruseva, co-ACLs pour Future Areas Europe En janvier 2022, les cas hebdomadaires de Covid-19 augmentaient dans de nombreux pays européens. Le moral des animatrices était bas. Les réunions de LLL en personne ne sont pas autorisées dans la plupart des endroits. De nombreuses conférences tant attendues ont été annulées ou organisées … Read More

Biographien von Schriftstellern The Art of Breastfeeding

Jayne Joyce Jayne Joyce (sie/ihr) MA, MSc, IBCLC, ist seit 2003 Stillberaterin bei La Leche Liga. Sie ist Mutter von drei Kindern (geboren 2000, 2003, 2008) und lebt in England, UK. Nach einem Abschluss in Geschichte und einem Master in Sozialarbeit an der Universität von Oxford begann Jayne ihr Berufsleben als Sozialarbeiterin mit dem Schwerpunkt … Read More