A Letter to My Four Children

A Letter to My Four Children

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By Ann Calandro – North Carolina, USA

I am your mother.

You grew in me! I ate well and sang happy songs to you. I gently patted you all day long.

I learned from class and birthing books how to breathe and relax and help you into the world, wanting only the best beginning for you.

When you arrived so wide awake I offered you my breast and my love and you took them both.

At first, I felt alone but I was not. Wise La Leche League Leaders and mothers accepted and supported me as they modeled gentle mothering with their own children. A village of women begun by seven.

You grew into beautiful healthy children.

I am your mother. After our breastfeeding journey was over, I understood you. I still do, because we were connected from the very first day.

I wished for other mothers to bond with their babies this way, their hearts melded together, learning to tune in and allowing their loving instincts to flourish.

For what I was given, I am grateful.

I am your mother. I never let you cry. I looked into your soul and knew that you deserved the best I could give. Always.

You grew up and in time became parents too. I understood the early days and loving ways would be ingrained in you and your children too.

The many hours of nursing and snuggling and rocking and hugging and just gazing at you because I just couldn’t stop have made all the difference.

I am your mother.

Ann’s children, finally together after a long time


Ann Calandro has been a La Leche League Leader since 1977, IBCLC since 1989, RN, wife of one, mother of four breastfed babies, grandmother of 6 breastfed babies. She also served as La Leche League International Board Chair and, for a short time, Board Executive Director.
She enjoys reading, making soap, sewing, gardening, beekeeping, cooking – just about everything.


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