PSR: Accessibility and Cultural Sensitivity

Accessibility and Cultural Sensitivity

La Leche League is committed to respect and support the diversity of Leaders, mothers and families who participate in our events or seek information about breastfeeding, chestfeeding, or human milk feeding. [Inclusivity Statement and LLL Code of Conduct. See especially item 7.1]

In order to reflect this commitment, LLL Leaders and staff always consider the following when planning events or meetings:

  • time zones, seasons, major national and religious holidays, and dietary requirements of participants
  • geographic accessibility
  • sensitivity to local cultural customs, language, and population, as guided by local volunteers
  • accessibility to the physical meeting site, event materials, and presentations
  • provision for offsite attendance via the internet or other electronic means
  • translation facilities as feasible and appropriate for the languages used by the participants

In addition, the LLLI Board, LLLI Committees, and LLLI global forums make every effort to support translations for LLLI publications to enable wider participation in LLLI Board, committees, and global forums for non-English speakers.
(May 81, Jan 22)

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