PSR: Accreditation Review Committee

Accreditation Review Committee

The Accreditation Review Committee (ARC) is composed of five to nine active or retired LLL Leaders.

The LLLI Personnel Committee will ask the DCE administrative bodies for nominations to the ARC and recommend suitable candidates to the LLLI Board. The members of the ARC will be appointed by the LLLI Board members at the Annual Midterm Session of the LLLI Board.

The Personnel Committee ensures that the ARC members they recommend to the LLLI Board are familiar with LLL policies related to Leader accreditation and LLL philosophy, have experience interpreting policies, and reflect the international nature of LLL. There is broad representation from a variety of DCEs.

Candidates for the ARC send an application form and at least one reference to the Personnel Committee at least one month before the Annual Midterm Session of the LLLI Board.

ARC members serve staggered 2-year terms starting November 1st. No member may serve more than two consecutive 2-year terms, or a total of 5 consecutive years, unless this requirement is waived by the LLLI Board of Directors.

The ARC will elect a chair within a month after the Annual Midterm Session of the LLLI Board. The Chair of the ARC will serve as liaison between the ARC and the LLLI Board Chair(s) and may hold this position for a maximum of three consecutive years.

An ARC member recuses themself from working on any issue in which they have a conflict of interest, or if the subject matter or parties to the appeal prevent the member from being fair and impartial. That ARC member recuses themself even if they feel able to be impartial. If there is doubt about the need for recusal, the LLLI Board has the final decision.

The Personnel Committee of the LLLI Board will seek and recommend candidates to the LLLI Board whenever necessary to replace any ARC member who resigns or is removed before the conclusion of a term. The LLLI Board will appoint the chosen candidate(s) who will then serve for the remainder of the original term or for a specified term.

After due consideration, the LLLI Board may remove a member of the ARC for failure to perform member duties or for non-compliance with the LLL Code of Conduct, LLLI Bylaws, or LLLI Policies and Standing Rules.

The ARC makes a report to the LLLI Board and the DCE administrative bodies about the number of appeals processed each year and any recommendations they have as a result of the appeals.

(Feb 98; Feb 99, Apr 16, Nov 21)

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