PSR: Agreement of International Principles of Cooperations

Agreement of International Principles of Cooperations

This Agreement states the basic principles of cooperation between La Leche League International, hereafter called LLLI, and the affiliated national organization, hereafter called the Affiliate. In establishing and administering the national organization, the Affiliate is bound by the LLLI International Principles of Cooperation as stated in this document. LLLI also agrees to support its Affiliate as stated in this document.
A. Benefits

LLLI offers the Affiliate the benefit of its worldwide recognition as an authority on breastfeeding and its many years of experience in teaching and supporting breastfeeding mothers. LLLI will offer to the Affiliate its support and resources, such as numerous publications on breastfeeding and allied topics, e.g., pregnancy, childbirth, nutrition, parenting, and access to its Professional Advisory Board for consultation as needed.

In consideration of the benefits provided by LLLI, the Affiliate agrees to be bound by this document in establishing and administering the national organization.
B. Purpose and Methods

The Purpose of the Affiliate, which is the same as that of LLLI, is to foster good mothering through breastfeeding so as to encourage the optimal physical and emotional growth of the child and the development of close family relationships.

The Affiliate may accomplish this purpose through mother-to-mother support, educational meetings, consultation with LLLI as necessary, LLLI Breastfeeding Resource Centers, and other suitable activities, and through publications, workshops, and conferences. The Affiliate may also prepare mothers to become accredited La Leche League Leaders in accordance with LLLI’s criteria for leadership.

The Affiliate may alter procedural details of the application process while these remain consistent with LLLI’s basic criteria for leadership. When possible, the Affiliate agrees to distribute and sell materials published or approved by LLLI and to pay a royalty or commission on fully or partially reproduced LLLI information.
C. Administration

Administration of the Affiliate will be designed by the Affiliate to fit the capabilities, needs, and financial resources of the Affiliate.
D. Communication

The Affiliate agrees to maintain contact with LLLI and keep LLLI informed of its activities and progress. LLLI agrees to provide information and encouragement to the Affiliate.
E. Publications

All materials published by the Affiliate shall be in accordance with all principles of LLLI as now or hereafter established and solely as interpreted by the Board of Directors of LLLI. The Editorial Consultant agrees to review and approve, prior to publication, all such materials unless otherwise agreed upon in writing by LLLI and the Affiliate.
F. Financial

The Affiliate will abide by the arrangements agreed upon with LLLI. The Affiliate agrees to send to LLLI each year a financial report for its fiscal year 60 days after the close of that fiscal year.

The Affiliate shall be responsible for loans, promissory notes, and any and all money borrowed and for all other debts and obligations incurred by the Affiliate.

LLLI agrees to pay travel expenses of LLLI representatives while on official business to the Affiliate’s country unless other mutually agreeable arrangements are made.

The Affiliate agrees to pay travel expenses of the Affiliate’s representatives while on official business to the LLLI office, or to locations outside the Affiliate’s country while on official business unless other mutually agreeable arrangements are made.
G. Use of Name and Logo

Profit from sale of items by Leaders, Groups, Chapters, or Areas bearing the name or logo of the League, shall totally benefit the League. Such sales can be authorized by the Affiliate with a percent of retail selling price payable to La Leche League International.
H. Sponsorship, Endorsement, Authorization, or Approval

La Leche League International Board of Directors shall be the sole and exclusive authority to permit any act that expresses or implies sponsorship, endorsement, authorization, or approval by La Leche League International or La Leche League of any person, service, or item.
I. Reason for Termination of Agreement

The Affiliate agrees that it shall follow all principles of LLLI as now or hereafter established and solely as interpreted by the Board of Directors of LLLI.

If the Affiliate shall fail or refuse to do so, or shall take any action detrimental to LLLI, LLLI shall have the absolute right to terminate the Agreement, to require the Affiliate to cease using the name, logo, or any symbols or property of LLLI, and if deemed appropriate, to cease its corporate existence.

If the Affiliate shall refuse to comply with any demand of LLLI to cease using the name, logo, or property of LLLI, and to cease its corporate existence, LLLI shall have the right to petition any court or competent jurisdiction to enforce such actions without further demand or notice, and without the requirement of posting any bond or surety.
J. Dissolution

In the event of dissolution of the Affiliate, the Affiliate will first pay all debts and liabilities, including those to LLLI, and the cost of liquidation.

All remaining assets shall be dispersed or transferred, with prior consent of LLLI, to LLLI or an organization having objectives similar to those of LLLI.

Secretary date

Secretary date

(Sep 82; rev May 83, Jun 85, Oct 86, Jun 87, Feb 88)

President: Use of Title For Incorporation

When laws of an LLL Area or an LLL national organization require a corporation to have a president, the ACL or Director of Leaders may use the title of President within the Area or national organization.
(Oct 84)

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