PSR: Board Advisory Committee

Board Advisory Committee


The Board Advisory Council (BAC) is established by the LLLI Board of Directors to provide voluntary assistance to LLLI in fulfilling Article II – Purpose and Article VI, Section 15 – Advisors as outlined in the LLLI Bylaws. The Board Advisory Council shall consist of past Chairs of the LLLI Board of Directors to provide:

historical perspective and information

to the Board of Directors and Executive Director upon request.

Criteria for Membership

All past Chairs of the LLLI Board of Directors not currently on the Board are invited to serve, unless they were removed from their position as described under LLLI Bylaws Article VI, Section 16 or Article VII, Section 4.

Appointment and Term of Office

Former and outgoing Chairs will be contacted annually to ascertain their availability, willingness to serve, and contact information. Members of the BAC may withdraw at any time.

Contacting the Board Advisory Council

The Board Secretary will compile a list of the current BAC members and their contact details annually, form an e-list for use and publish this list to the current Board members and the Executive Director, who may then contact BAC members directly. Requests for information may be made to individual members of the BAC or to the whole Council. All communications are copied to the full Board. Board members and the Executive Director are expected to record their contact with the BAC in their regular reports.

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