PSR: Board Committee General Guidelines

Board Committee General Guidelines

  • Standing/Special committees shall have 3 or more members.
  • Ad hoc groups are not committees. They each have a clear commission and duties.
  • The Board Chair shall appoint committee Chairs and ad hoc group heads with Board approval. If needed, Board liaisons will be appointed via same process.
  • The Board shall approve the commission and duties of each committee and ad hoc group.
  • The Committee Chair will select committee members in consultation with the Board Chair.
  • The Chair of the Board of Directors is an ex officio member of all committees and ad hoc groups, but is not counted as part of the minimum number of members required.
  • Committee members are selected based upon knowledge, skills and experience relevant to the commission and duties of the committee.
  • An effort will be made to create globally diverse committees.
  • Every committee has a staff representative, assigned by the Executive Director in consultation with the Committee Chair.
  • Standing committees are disbanded prior to the Annual Session in which committee chairs are selected.
  • Special committees: if they have not completed their commission, they are disbanded before the Annual session.
  • Ad-hoc groups, set up to accomplish short term goals, are disbanded when the goals are met.
  • Removal of a committee Chair requires approval of the Board Chair.
  • Removal of committee member, requires approval of Board Chair.
  • Standing committee must be mandated by Board in order to implement a program or project.
  • Committees must have policy whose description that includes commission and duties.
  • A standing committee chair shall be an ex officio member of any subcommittee created within the standing committees.
  • The Executive and nominating committees are Board committees that have only members from the Board. Executive Committee description is set in the bylaws. Nominating Committee is description is set in bylaws and in the PSR.
  • Evaluate with the BOARD the implementation of objectives on an annual basis and report to the Board.
  • Meet as needed throughout the year.
  • Recommend activities to the Board.
  • Create and supervise relevant subcommittees with the approval of the Chair of the Board.

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