PSR: Board Members: Term of Office

Board Members: Term of Office

The Secretary of the Board shall be charged with maintaining an accurate record of each member’s date of first election and total number of terms served, enabling the Nominating Committee to notify DCE (Direct Connect Entities) representatives when a member has reached the maximum term of service and is not eligible for re-nomination. Notification to the DCE of the need to submit nominees shall be completed at least five months prior to the election, in writing, to designated DCE Board Election Committee members or other persons identified by the DCE as responsible for securing nominees. Nominations shall be received by the Chair of the Nominating Committee at least three months prior to the Annual session, as outlined in the Bylaws. See current election timeline for dates.

The primary purpose of the schedule for elections of Board members is to allow for three-year terms and ensure that all three-year terms do not begin and end in the same year. Board members serving staggered terms allows for continuity on the Board, along with opportunities for new perspectives.

Terms for Board members from DCEs will be scheduled in a three-year cycle, such that no more than a third of the DCE’s seats (rounded up to the nearest integer) will be elected each year.

Based on DCE representation and current Leader population counts, terms will commence on the following schedule:

  • In 2019 and every third year afterwards, one seat each will be open for Alliance, Canada (English), Ligue La Leche, New Zealand and USA.
  • In 2020 and every third year afterwards, one seat each will be open for Alliance, Europe, Great Britain, International and USA.
  • In 2021 and every third year afterwards, one seat each will be open for Alliance, Europe, International and USA.

All seats are elected prior to Annual Session. A replacement candidate, regardless of when elected, completes the term of the Board member they are replacing.

(Feb 96; rev Oct 00; rev Mar 06, Sep 13, Dec 17, Jan 18, March 18, May19)

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