PSR: Bylaws, Amendments and Updates

Bylaws, Amendments and Updates

Amendments to the Bylaws require one reading and a vote, which can occur in a single regularly scheduled Board meeting. The prescribed actions can also be separated over the course of two or more meetings.

When considering changes to the Bylaws, the Bylaws Committee, or others tasked with bylaws review, shall gather diverse opinions on the topic, including consultation with DCE leadership, LAD, Leaders, and/or authorities outside of the organization who have expertise in the area.

Proposed changes shall be shared with the Board and Leader community at least 45 days prior to a proposed Board vote for input and feedback. Leaders will be invited to share their comments with the Board and Bylaws Committee.

Legal review, where necessary, shall take place prior to any Board vote. Any legal feedback that requires changes to proposed revisions/amendments will be shared with the Bylaws Committee for review and potential reconsideration.

Amendments to the Bylaws are effective immediately upon adoption by the Board of Directors. The Bylaws will be updated on the LLLI website as soon as possible after Board Action Statements and/or Board Minutes are published for each Board session.

(Nov 88, rev Mar 15, Jan 18)

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