PSR: Cooperative Action

Cooperative Action

LLLI and all its representatives have the option of taking advantage of opportunities to cooperate with others who support, promote, and protect breastfeeding. The main focus of any cooperative action should be helping mothers worldwide to breastfeed, which is the mission of La Leche League as defined by the LLLI Mission Statement and Bylaws.

The role of La Leche League Leader is not to be used as a forum for a Leader’s non-LLL interests or to do the work of organizations other than LLL. Leaders may not use their Leader status for commercial gain derived from non-LLL activity or to promote their personal non-LLL interests.

In order to protect the LLLI brand and to continue to be covered by LLLI Leader liability insurance, an LLLI Leader may not represent another similar organization nor provide volunteer mother-to-mother breastfeeding support on behalf of another similar organization. LLLI Leaders may, nevertheless, be donors or members of similar organizations.

If any LLLI entity becomes aware of a Leader acting in a similar volunteer role in another mother-to-mother breastfeeding organization, her Area or primary connection support will be notified of the situation and will contact the Leader to remind her of this policy, giving the Leader 30 days to decide which organization she will represent. If, at that time, she chooses to represent another mother-to-mother volunteer breastfeeding support organization, she will be retired as an LLLI Leader.

Leaders with paid roles should refer to the LLLI policy “Code of Ethics: Leaders with Personal, Professional, or Commercial Interests.”

(Apr 94, rev Apr 16)

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